Tips for working from home

As entrepreneurs, wedding planners and stylists starting out its common practice to work from home which if you are anything like me it brings a wide range of challenges that you never anticipated. Some days just getting changed in the morning can seem like to much effort! 

This is something I have struggled with on and off for the past 5 years. Some days I absolutely love the freedom of working from home and other times I find it unmotivating and just plain boring. I so miss working with likeminded colleagues and being able to access delicious coffee at any moment of the day (my Nespresso machine just doesn't cut it!). 

Below are some of my tips for staying motivated throughout the day: 

  • Go grab yourself a coffee first thing in the morning. If you are anything like me you know that if you worked in an office environment you would be getting a coffee to start off your day so why should it be any different at home. Yes I know its a bit expensive to do this every day but for me it is an absolute necessity. I also ask for my coffee extra hot so it stays warm for at least the first hour that I'm at home - you can thank me later for that tip. 
  • Don't ever work in your PJ's. Its just not a good look and will make you feel like you need to get back into bed all day. You may even end up on the couch asleep so my advice is just don't do it. PJ's are for bed not work. 
  • Get out of your activewear. I know getting dressed in corporate clothes when you're at home is completely ridiculous but trust me getting changed and doing your hair/makeup will make you motivated for the day. It will also make you feel a bit more comfortable going out to grab coffee first thing in the morning. 
  • Don't have any 'home' stuff in your office space. This is so important! Keep your office space completely free for work. Whether this is you spare room, study nook or area of your lounge make sure it is completely free of any clutter and anything that doesn't relate to your work. For example don't keep your home bills or personal to do list anywhere near your desk - it will constantly distract you.
  • Schedule every hour of your day. If you need to get some home stuff done during the day such as washing, dishes, shopping etc then schedule this into your day. Ideally do this at the beginning or end of your work day so that you are not stopping work and getting distracted. I have every hour of my day scheduled to a particular task - it helps keep me accountable and motivated.
  • Get yourself an office pet. Ok so this isn't essential but gosh having a dog or cat keeping me company makes me happy throughout the day. Even if my cat constantly meows as least she likes listening to my ideas. 
  • Attend regular industry events/workshops/seminars etc. Working from home is incredibly isolating and often quite boring. Definitely break up your work weeks with networking and socialising with other working from home people in your industry. 
  • Chat to friends who work from home throughout the day. I have a few friends that I talk to nearly every day who also work from home. Its amazing how helpful they have been to have ideas to bounce off. 

Is there anything else you have found helpful? Please leave it in the comments below, I'd love to hear anyones suggestions.