Fake it to you make it - Running a wedding business

Everyone does it, we live in a world of people 'faking it' in business. Consider social media for a second, we see thousands of wannabe bloggers and influencers with their online picture perfect life. A few things I've learnt in a world of start up entrepreneurs is that to some degree everyone is 'faking it' in the initial stages of starting a business. Don't ever feel disheartened by what you see online and remember always that its all about perception.

A way I often see people 'faking it' is through the terminology they use in their business. Yes of course we all want our clients to think of us as successful and often we want our businesses to appear far bigger and better than what they actually are (especially when we are just starting out). One thing I frequently hear is reference to certain things I know many fellow wedding planners don't actually have such as a studio, warehouse or office space. Nearly every stylist/planner I know in my local area doesn't have any of these things. Warehouse is often code for their home garage, office is code for their spare room and studio is most likely also referring to their garage or spare room. So don't ever feel that you need any of these things. Unless of course you are running a hire business and need warehouse space, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a home based office. Its far more cost effective, accessible and easy to manage. 

Another thing I hear often is reference being made to things like - my team, my staff, my head stylist, my assistant etc. For nearly everyone starting out yes they might have a couple casual staff or even one part time staff member but definitely not an entire team or what you would call a workforce. 


If you really want to 'fake it to you make it' then consider giving yourself a creative job title. I use to have a printed out piece of paper in my office with my name and CEO written next to it. Why couldn't I call myself that? I'm the owner of the business so I can call myself anything I like, right?! I laughed every time I saw this 'CEO' reference. Of course I wasn't a CEO, my business wasn't even set up as a company and I had no full time employees. But hey we see this time and time again. If you give yourself a job description like 'Creative Director' then of course your business size automatically triples in peoples perception. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of when doing anything of these things. Remember we all need to start somewhere. What I think is important to always consider is your online presence and the perception this is putting out to you target market.  Your online presence is ultimately what is going to sell your business and the services you offer (unless of course you have a shop front). It's where you can create any perception you like of your business. So why not create a perfect Instagram feed, have a beautiful and professional website and frequently show BTS videos of that one small space in your 'studio' that looks perfect. Other vendors will know what you're up to but will your client? Most likely not so my advice is just continue to fake it until you make it!