As a Wedding professional, why should I blog?

I know blogging is very time consuming and for most of us (like me) who seem to write with lots of spelling errors its a painful process at times but let me start this off by telling you a funny story about my experience with blogging. 

Back when I had my styling business I would blog at least twice a week. I consistently did this for 3+ years and there were very few weeks that I missed. I tried to mix up the content as best as I could. One of the topics I often covered was around the struggles of working from home. In one particular post I made reference to my neighbour who also worked from home. She would often wear her dressing gown and slippers right up until the early hours of the afternoon. I made reference to it in one of my blog posts as a recommendation of what not to do! 

I happened to find myself one day at the bottom of my drive way checking the mail and my neighbour yelled out to me for a chat. The first thing she said to me was "I just discovered your blog over the weekend and I love it, it really made me laugh so much and I have read back through all your posts". In that moment I went bright red I knew straight away she had read the blog post about how I referred to my 'funny neighbour in her old robe and fluffy slippers'. It was only like 3 posts down so I knew she would of seen it. 

At this point I didn't even know my neighbour knew my business name let alone that I had a blog. And that she actually would want to read it and give me genuine compliments about it. The whole situation was hilarious looking back - gosh I hope she doesn't read this one too. Sorry Sharon! 

The important thing to take from this is that you don't realise just how many people your blog is reaching and the benefit behind it. Not only does blogging dramatically increase your SEO it also helps you engage with your audience and develop your brand. When I stopped blogging just before I sold my styling business I had 7 people email/message me within 2 weeks asking why I've stopped blogging and how much they loved reading my posts. I had never met or spoken to any of these people before and to be honest most of the time I thought that no one even read my posts. It was very rare that anyone would actually comment on a post so quite often I thought they were going unnoticed - now of course you should be checking your google analytics to see what traction your posts are getting. 

Blogging is powerful. Not only to engage with your audience but to build up your sites SEO. It also helps you to look more legitimate - people build trust when there is a real person behind a brand. 

I would love to hear how blogging has been successful for you in your business? Please comment below so I know someone has read this one! haha I'm completely slack with monitoring my own website analytics. 


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